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Case Study

Teacher Recruitment International

Teacher Recruitment International (Aust) provides a teacher placement service for International Schools in the SE Asia, Turkey, Middle East regions and to a limited extent in Europe and South America. Opportunities are also in UK, USA, Australian and New Zealand schools as well as English Language Programs.

The Brief

Build an online system to help Teacher Recruitment Internation manage its job application to the many International Schools they service.

A way for candidate to build their resumes securely and quickly was a prime feature of the system. A resume then had to be dynamically generated based on the values they had entered in their resume.

Schools must have the ability to upload jobs for the candidates to search and apply to.

Candiates applied to a job and providing they have been vetted a school would recieve a notification for them to read the application.

If a match is successful then the school may recuit the candidate.

The Results

Spring Web provided a system built in Drupal that allowed the users to build their resumes online, storing it within Drupal and dyamically producing the resumes as PDFs.

The system has made it much simpler for Teacher Recruitment International to place their candidates and have had many successful placements to date.

In comparision with the process they previously employed, manual effort with Excel spreadsheets, they have been able to successfully grow their business without being limited by technology.

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