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Case Study

Market Index

Market Index is a crucial online resource for anyone interested in investing on the Australian Stock exchange.

Providing the latest information from ASX as early as possible in a format that is easy to digest makes it one of the most popular stock related site in Australia.

Coupled with a detailed blog is number 1 on Google for the keywords ASX 20, ASX 50, ASX 100, ASX 200, ASX 300 and All Ordinaries.

The Brief

Create a website that is capable of obtaining data from the ASX, processing it and displaying on the front of the website.

Ensure the site is optimised for all mobile devises and no loss of user experience occurs between devices.

A sophisticated blog to maintain content for SEO purposes.

The Results

Spring Web provided Market Index with a web application built in Drupal.

The site contacts a data source for ASX every 5 minutes and in 20 seconds has updated all of the data on the site.

The blog accomodates for multiple templates and styles for blog post.

The site currently recieves over 500 thousand page views a month.

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