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How Shopify Can Become Your Best Revenue Stream Ever Pt 2

Our previous blog taught you how to best leverage the power of Shopify to make your business highly accessible to more customers, anytime, anywhere.

Running an eCommerce is not an easy task! On top of your everyday store tasks such as managing inventory you’re faced with a variety of online store issues. Shopify helps to eliminate some of these unfortunate online complications.

This article will show you eight of the benefits of using Shopify:

  1. Safe and secure: Shopify is incredibly secure. The platforms security standard is monitored and validated annually on-site through compliance assessments. For added ease of mind Shopify uses the same level of encryption used in the banking industry.
  2. Powerful CMS: Shopify’s integrated Content Management System (CMS) allows you to manage all settings via the admin interface, such as, creating custom promotions for your products, and tracking/sorting customer orders. This offers a simplified interface that anyone can use.
  3. Built-in SEO: Shopify’s CMS is built with eCommerce marketing in mind, as it was designed by SEO experts to help your store achieve strong rankings across various search engines. It aims to get your brand out to as many potential customers as possible.
  4. Payment Gateway: Shopify is integrated with over 50 payment gateways, allowing you to choose your preferred currency, and also set-up international tax rates. Shopify can serve 100,000 page views a minute!
  5. Never Lose A Single Sale: There’s nothing worse in online shopping than abandoned shopping carts, whereby customers reach the checkout page but never completed the purchase. Shopify provides a list of email addresses of these customers so you can connect with them, find out how you can help them with the purchase, and close an otherwise lost sale.
  6. POS System: A Point of Sale (POS) system allows you to physically sell on the go. With Shopify’s POS system, no training is required and you can secure the sale on the spot. In addition to this, you can process credit cards directly using Shopify’s free credit card reader that connects to your phone. This allows purchases to be easy and accessible to all.
  7. Integration and APIs: Shopify features a robust Application Programming Interface (API). The API allows other software developers to send data to, and obtain data from your Shopify store. This can be used for purposes such as connecting with your favourite accounting software, tracking your customers’ sharing through social media, or streamlining your shipping and inventory.
  8. Round the clock updates: We believe the most important feature of all is that Shopify is constantly being updated. As we saw in the previous article, the breakneck speed of technological growth can be challenging to keep track of, so having a technological platform that is able to keep up with that change ensures that your store is always kept secure, functioning, and optimised.

The collaboration between Shopify and Spring Web lifts the weight from our customer’s shoulders, and delivers an easy to manage online store that you can start selling from immediately. Contact us today to find out how!