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How Shopify Can Become Your Best Ever Revenue Stream

Shopify has everything your business needs to start selling online – anywhere, anytime. At Spring Web, we love providing our customers with reliable and industry-grade technologies, including Shopify, to help them focus on what they do best – growing their businesses without having to worry about keeping up with ever changing technology.

If you are a business owner, you will by now have realised that the Internet has opened up business opportunities of every kind. In fact, 2013 marked the first year that globally, eCommerce stores grew significantly faster than brick-and-mortar stores, and this is expected to continue in the years to come [1].

Even if you have come to acknowledge the need to go digital, it can become a daunting task trying to find the right technology to suit your business model, size, industry, and budget. We aren’t kidding – there are currently more than 110,000 eCommerce technologies available [2].

These facts aren’t here to scare you! We just want to demonstrate the immense potential that eCommerce has to offer for your business. Out of the 110,000 technologies available, something that we love developing with and would like to introduce to you is Shopify.

We have put together a list of fifteen things we think are important for business owners to consider when opening their online store. This article will cover the first seven of these and the next article will cover the last eight.

  1. All-in-one: Imagine that you want to buy a car, and instead of driving out of a dealer showroom in one, you instead have to buy all the parts of the car separately. What a headache that would be! Shopify wants to eliminate any headaches as it is essentially a suite of turn-key eCommerce solutions that has everything you need right out of the box – except for your business knowledge and your products, of course.
  2. Business-friendly: As a testament of its turn-key flexibility, Shopify boasts a portfolio of over 100,000 active global retailers ranging from big to small, from diverse industries.
  3. Use your own domain: Maybe you already have an existing domain name for your business and want to use that for your online store domain name. No problem! Shopify can take care of that – or help you create one if you haven’t got a domain name yet.
  4. Large choice of mobile-friendly theme designs: Shopify features a large library of high quality themes that you can immediately use and customize to suit your branding, and all of them are mobile-friendly from the get-go.
  5. Tech support: Perhaps you fiddled with the theme files and something went poof! No problem, as Shopify tech support is available 24/7 to help resolve any issues with your online store.
  6. Shopify Experts: Taking tech support a step further, Shopify has a network of third-party consultants known as Shopify Experts, such as Spring Web. Shopify Experts are highly experienced at building complex Shopify websites and specifications, and can provide face-to-face consultation and tech support.
  7. Flexible pricing plans: Shopify features affordable pricing plans that scales with your business’ needs. It doesn’t have any setup fees, you never need to pay for bandwidth or hosting, and you are contract-free and can cancel at any time.

We hope this first article has provided you with some insight into how easy it is to setup your Shopify online store with a little help from Spring Web.

Coming up in the next article, we will further illustrate how Shopify’s enhanced features can make it your best revenue stream ever. Stay tuned!

But if you can’t wait for the second article and are ready for your Shopify store, contact Spring Web today for a no-obligation free consultation.