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Case Study

Rohr Remedy

The team behind Rohr Remedy have been working closely with Australian Aboriginals for the past several years on various projects, and this new business is a natural extension of the work that they have been doing. Rohr Remedy features natural skin care by combining unique natural Australian medicinal plants and dermatological science.

The Brief

Rohr Remedy needed to allow customers purchase the products on their website easily.

They also wanted to market their products overseas, so it was essential that the website was easily accessible and viewable on any device with multicurrency support.

Build an easy-to-use online store that sells well and also connects with their customers.

Update customers of new product releases and of other exciting updates.

The Results

Spring Web provided Rohr Remedy with e-commerce store on the Shopify platform.

The store has a simple but effective interface that displayed and worked well on any display.

Content & product management feature to keep all the products easily updated and managed, and all new orders could be received via email and on mobile phone with SMS messaging.

Spring Web also added a mailing list feature so that Rohr Remedy could inform their customers of their updates.

The store is capable of being viewed in multiple currencies making it easier to purchase internationally.

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